The Owners

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Karen and Forrest Imhoff have always been nature lovers. Both are lifelong Western Pennsylvania residents, with Karen having grown up in Fayette County and Forrest having grown up in Butler County. After marrying and settling down in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood, they decided that they’d eventually want a larger property on which they and their son could spread out and have more contact with nature.

Forrest wanted to find and rehabilitate a small farm property on which the family could raise livestock; this would allow the Imhoffs the space that they desired. Karen wanted to know where the family’s food was coming from; it was preferable that it be both fresh and local. This led to the family purchasing Woodcrest Farm in 1993 (For more on the farm, visit this link)

Apart from tending to the farm, Karen and Forrest enjoy sailing, cooking, reading, and spending time with their Golden Retriever & two cats.